Espacios nacientes


ESPACIOS NACIENTES is an organic continuation of therapy work surrounding parental figures.

The space for reconciliation built with biological parents signifies a psychological availability that enables the creation of a new internal Mother, Father and Child triad.

Beyond the external circumstances of our lives, it is up to us to create a loving internal family to accommodate our “rebirth.” A new family that recognizes and holds space for our present needs and future desires.

This archetypical trinity delivers a healthy process of “mothering” and “fathering” to our inner child, and releases arrested loving movements.

ESPACIOS NACIENTES encourages an exploration of beliefs, emotions and behaviours related to birth, providing the vital information required to heal birth trauma. The focus is placed on the difficulties related to our biological birth, the first great change we experience, passing from water to air, from darkness to light, from fusion to autonomy.

This healing process allows us to disregard traumatic memories as we address the future changes and transitions that we will encounter in life, metaphorical rebirths.

ESPACIOS NACIENTES is an invitation to change, to let go of old patterns, and to build and implement new modalities to experience attention and love.

For a good birth and a good death bring us closer to a good life.


  • • Being born into a neutral attention sphere that embraces the emergent, the individual and the communal, with acceptance.
  • • Being born into trust, kindness, organismic self-regulation, recognizing conditioned fear, violence and automatisms.
  • • Being born into other rhythms and schedules, to slowness and stillness, thresholds onto inner landscapes and the aroma of eternity of an instant.
  • • Being born into different respiratory waves and their vast possibilities for contact and intimacy.
  • • Being born into our body, inhabiting all its sensations and honouring the heritage it represents.
  • • Being born into the dance of life, celebrating its nuances, in stillness and in movement.
  • • Being born into the spirit of adventure to explore new territories, supported by the strength and knowledge of the group.
  • • Being born into the initiation journey from the individual to the universal, from the personal to the transpersonal, from illusion to reality.
    The new resources developed for attention and love, built on new perceptions of space, time and breathing, create a generous “matrix” where all possibilities can be conceived, carried and delivered.

Two modalities for Espacios Nacientes:

Intensive three-day workshop
This is a structured option aimed at gently experiencing birth as a Mother, Father and Child. It is traditionally organized as a retreat, starting on a Thursday afternoon and ending on a Sunday at midday.

A cycle of Espacios Nacientes
Facilitated over the course of 12 months, the workshop includes five events: four non-residential workshops, from Friday at 6pm to Sunday at midday, and one three-day summer retreat.


Espacios Nacientes


Intensive workshops 2023

Short workshops :
Barcelona: 1-4/06/2023
Galicia: 13-16/06/2024

Long workshops
IN Spain 06 al 13 August 2023

In 2023

In Mexicoin January 2023 is starting five encuenterso:


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