I experienced a gradual awareness that progressed with each of the listening, communication and dance exercises, which were always organic and respectful experiences, steered by the conscience of the body through a place of no effort, by the impulse that appears upon achieving connection and sufficient silence. Everything occurs in a context of no effort, of not pushing processes. The term ‘acceptance’ becomes meaningful through a delicate and encompassing work.


Creating spaces allows for the reorganization of each person’s experience and for the emergence of awareness, welcoming self-regulation and steering transformation. The space that Cherif creates, in the absence of judgement, enables the opportunity to recover the dignity of the Self. This is healing and transformative, since the identification with the ego is a mutilation of the awareness of the Self.


I have been lucky enough to be guided by Cherif, trusting his inspired imagination, through these spaces of extended awareness to find the way home and to realize that what is outside also exists inside. I have seen how kindness translates into gestures and words with which we journey through life and face death.


Thanks to Cherif I quickly regain the sense of being at home, in my body, in a place that focuses on the essential. It is an emotion that is simple, calm and complete, a conviction of being in a place that welcomes growth and knowledge. During the process I become aware of everything that is nourishing me here. And I need it, so I breathe it in with gusto, delicately guided to direct my gaze towards what matters, to be with myself. And I return a clean gratitude.

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