Cherif Chalakani

Body centered psychotherapist


Online Workshops

4 online meetings: A time to “Acuerparse”

Dates : Thursdays, February 4 – 11 – 28 & Mai 4th 2021
Schedule: 19h to 20h30 (spanish time) )
Languages: spanish & french
Online platform: Zoom

Although the current moment does not facilitate contact and embrace with others, let us at least make contact with our own body, giving it our attention, offering creative avenues of expression and thus keeping it moving. Cherif Chalakani proposes four encounters to activate and vitalize the body, “lose our minds” and dance in order to avoid the depression that haunts us … etc.

Cherif Chalakani proposes four encounters to activate and vitalize the body, “lose our minds” and dance in order to avoid the depression that haunts us … etc.


Given the exceptional health situation caused by COVID-19, all dates are currently on standby. Please email us with your personal data to receive information on new workshop dates.


Espacios Nacientes

  • Cycle: Espacios Nacientes
    close to Barcelona
    06/05/2021 – 20/01/2022:
    > 06-09/05/2021
    > 31/07 – 10/08/2021
    > 21-24/10/2021
    > 20-23 01/2022


  • Intensive non-residential workshops

Figuras Parentales




Events organized by SAT Germany France


January 24, 30, 31 2021

A cycle of 3 online meetings led by Maria Grazia Cecchini. Opportunity to discover first-hand the teachings of Claudio Naranjo. An exploration of the power of self-knowledge that facilitates harmonious development, helping us to make sense of what is happening within us and around us.

SAT@HOME – A day like at SAT !

7th February 2021 | 9:00 AM -20:00 PM (CET) | ZOOM

Just like in a SAT module we start the day with movement and body work, followed by meditation and Enneagram teachings. We will refresh our knowledge about the Enneatypes and explore their impact in the face of the present reality. In the afternoon some original online theater work will invite us to find out about what the mask hides and what it reveals!

SAT 1: Self-awareness and vitality

July 5th to 14th 2021 Close to Montpellier, France

In the south of France, near Montpellier, in a summer atmosphere, the next cycle of the SAT program begins in “L’Hameau de l’Étoile”, an idyllic place in the middle of nature where to delve into the enneagram of personality. A theoretical study combined with a practical exploration of our character traits through meditation, movement, theatrical expression and the figure of the clown.


August 12th to 15th 2021 Alsace, France

Seminar initially scheduled for 2020, has two great experts in systemic constellations: Joan Garriga and Stephan Hausner, where two powerful approaches will be combined through personal work and the discovery of the systemic elements that may exist in the background of each character. Enneatypes and difficulties in the context of the family will be addressed.

Residential cycle

Espacios Nacientes

New cycle (5th edition)

Date change: now from 05/06/2021 to 01/20/2022

Cycle of 4 psycho-body work encounters, directed by Cherif Chalakani. Workshops are hosted in the heart of nature and include lodging. Five residential retreats are programmed over the course of 12 months: four workshops from Thursday at 6pm until Sunday at midday, and a longer seven-day summer retreat. This is the 5th edition of the cycle and is open to all interested parties. and is open to all interested parties.


Renacer al Ser

Ediciones La Llave

Personal and professional biography of a therapist who has devoted his life to re-evaluating the traumatic conditions of birth for many people.

The book builds on a therapeutic approach
inspired by the metaphor of birth


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“The Self reacts when Cherif speaks of the vertical and the horizontal, of the eagle and the mountain, of space and conscience.”
Manuel Cuesta
Body centered psychotherapist and transpersonal therapist
“This experience has delivered a sense of openness, and helped me realize the importance of being in contact with others. An effortless contact that is less about doing and more about being.”
Sara Ramiro
Psychotherapist specializing in nutritional issues
“I recommend the Process to anyone eager to develop their free will, and particularly to professionals who care for others (psychologists, coaches, therapists), who are often ‘wounded healers.’”
Max Meulemans
Director of Coaching Ways